What is git short for?

Get over it

Git is short for "get over it," which tells someone to deal with an issue and move on. It's a very direct command so be careful who you send it to because the recipient may take it as insensitive.

You may use git when you are sick of dealing with a repetitive complaint from your BFF and your empathy tank is on empty. You may also use it if you just think that the thing the person is whining about it is so insignificant that it's a waste of his time and energy, and more importantly, your time and energy.

Git is primarily used online and in texts. It is rather obscure, so be careful who you use it with because they probably won't know what it means. They actually might think it's a misspelling of "get," which would add to the confusion.


I know it's hard, but you have to git and move on

Build a bridge and git!

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Updated December 2, 2020

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