What does GOATed mean?

Declared the best

Something that is GOATed is awesome or baller. This slang term transforms the acronym GOAT into a verb, which netizens use to declare various people and items the best of their kind.

Origin of GOATed

In the late 2010s, saying something or someone "is GOATed" became a popular way to label that person or thing the greatest of all time. Over time, GOATed's meaning softened a bit, as people used it to describe things that were top-tier but not the absolute "best."

GOATed resurged in popularity in late 2021 and early 2022, likely due to its inclusion in a popular Twitter copypasta. This copypasta gave rise to the phrase "GOATed with the sauce," which social media and forum users use to describe someone who has epic swag.


This pizza's so GOATed, who knew putting sauce on top could work?!
A use of GOATed on Twitter
A use of GOATed on Twitter

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Updated January 27, 2023

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