GOATed With The Sauce

What does goated with the sauce mean?


GOATed with the sauce is a slang phrase that essentially means "beast" or "baller." This confusing amalgam of two popular slang terms has its origins in a copypasta created on Twitter in 2021.

Origin of GOATed with the sauce

GOATed with the sauce combines the terms GOAT and sauce to conjure up a mental image of a champion with epic swag. However, the phrase was initially used in a Twitter post that read:

"quirked up white boy with a little bit of swag busts it down sexual style ... is he goated with the sauce?"

This post, made by user minga in December 2021, may have been referring to a then-recent round of news and memes in which lanky white men were outkicking their coverage.

Users on Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms latched on to this weird chunk of text and ran with it, creating new memes and videos in which they used both the statement as a whole and just the phrase GOATed with the sauce. GOATed with the sauce has since become detached from the copypasta, and frequently used on its own to describe GOAT moments.


OMG I can't believe he made that shot; he's GOATed with the sauce!
A use of GOATed with the sauce on Twitter
A use of GOATed with the sauce on Twitter

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Updated December 30, 2022

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