What does GSOH stand for?

Great sense of humor

If a person is funny or lighthearted, you might say they have a great sense of humor, or "GSOH." People often use GSOH online when messaging, in forums, or on dating apps.

GSOH is a widely-revered trait because most people like to laugh, except for your cranky old neighbor with plastic covers on his couches. Most people use GSOH when describing what they find attractive, especially women, in dating apps and online forums.

For example, a woman may put in her dating profile that she's looking for a guy who's cute with a GSOH. Or, a guy may post in a dating forum that he thinks a woman with a GSOH is the most attractive trait.


People often say I have a GSOH and like to laugh a lot
That's true. It's one of my favorite things about you
GSOH tweet
GSOH tweet

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Updated August 30, 2022

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