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1. What does SoH stand for in Call of Duty?

Slight of Hand

Call of Duty (CoD) players use SoH as shorthand for Sleight of Hand. This perk allows players to reload their weapon more quickly.

In some CoD games, SoH is a class-based perk, while in others, it's a weapon-based perk. When SoH is a class-based perk, it affects all weapons in a player's loadout. When SoH is a weapon-based perk, it affects only the weapon to which it has been applied.


I love SoH as a sniper. Reloading faster is so gas when every shot is a kill
CoD: MW players are split on SoH
CoD: MW players are split on SoH

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Updated November 29, 2023
2. What does SOH stand for online?

Sense of humor

SOH is a quick way to refer to a person's ability to perceive humor and be amused. People typically use SOH when messaging online or on social media, but they may also use it when texting.

For example, a person may message their friend about a recent date, "Kevin is attractive, but his SOH is a bummer." Or, a person may share a video on TikTok, "I may have a dark soh, but I thought this was hilarious. Please don't judge me." Another example is when a person DMs you and tries to flirt by saying, "I like your soh. :)"


My dad has the worst SOH!
You just aren't old enough to appreciate dad jokes yet. :)

When someone doesn't get your SOH

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Updated August 29, 2023

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