What does GTFOOH stand for?

Get the f*** out of here


GTFOOH is a harsh way of telling someone you really want them to leave. People typically use it when angry, like when a troll won't go away, but they may also use it when joking with a friend after they made a silly comment in a text thread.

Most people use GTFOOH when messaging online, gaming, and when texting. While they typically use it to tell people to leave a conversation occurring in a digital space, they may also use it to tell someone to leave a physical space, like a house or classroom.

Other variations of GTFOOH include GTFOH, GTFO, and FOH. Keep in mind that since the "F" represents a swear word, some people may be offended by the harshness of the acronym.


I wish that guy would stop annoying us and GTFOOH
That's Kelly's dad
OMG, awks

That GTFOOH attitude

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Updated September 7, 2022

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