What is half-ppr short for?

Half-point per reception league

Half-PPR is a fantasy football (FFB) abbreviation for a PPR league that awards half-points for each reception instead of a full point. It is one of the more popular FFB scoring formats since it adds a new facet to the standard league but still does not put too much emphasis on the WR position.

PPR and half-PPR has changed how owners draft as the values of running backs (RB), wide receivers (WR), and tight ends (TE) increase or decrease based on their catching abilities. The standard league before PPR was introduced would typically award 0 points for receptions.


He got me a measly 1.5 points with 1 rec for 10 yds in my half-PPR FFL league
Rankings of players in a half-PPR league
Rankings of players in a half-PPR league

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Updated November 18, 2016

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