What is yds short for?


Yds is an abbreviation for yards that is used in football and fantasy football (FFB). A football field is 100 yards long and a yard is the unit used to measure progress in the game.

The more yards a player, such as a QB, RB, WR, or TE, can gain, the more he can advance to the end zone to score points. In FFB, players earn points for a team by recording positive stats, including tds, and receptions. Gaining yards is another way to earn points. In most formats, every 10 rushing yards equals 1 point, every 10 receiving yards equals 1 point, and every 25 passing yards equals 1 point.


He rushed for over 200 yds in 2 straight games but I had him on my bench for both games. :-(((
Breakdown of Bell's play in ESPN fantasy football
Breakdown of Bell's play in ESPN fantasy football

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Updated October 25, 2016

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