What is historybounding?

Wearing historically-inspired outfits

Historybounding is the act of wearing outfits inspired by historical fashions. These can range from modern outfits that incorporate historical touches to exact replicas of historical clothing. Whatever the case, true historybounders wear their history-inspired outfits as day-to-day wear, not just as cosplay or on special occasions.

The origins of historybounding

Throughout the late 2010s, online historical costumers began incorporating historical fashions into their everyday outfits. In 2019, YouTuber Morgan Donner gave a name to this trend. Inspired by the term Disneybounding, Donner coined the term historybounding. The name stuck, and it helped the historybounding movement grow among costumers and fashion hobbyists.

Notably, historybounders do not always wear entirely-historically-accurate outfits. Instead, historybounders typically incorporate historical touches into modern outifts, to evoke a certain period's fashion.

Some notable historybounders

In addition to the aforementioned Donner, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms abound with historybounders. Some other popular historybounders include:

  • Bernadette Banner
  • Rachel Maksy
  • Abby Cox
  • Karolina Żebrowska
  • Dandy Wellington


What's your favorite period to historybound?
I'd say the 1920s

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Updated September 22, 2022

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