What does HMU stand for?

Hit me up

HMU is another way of saying, "contact me." The acronym is typically sent online, especially on social media, or in a text message.

Where did HMU come from?

The HMU acronym came from the "hit me up" saying, which gained popularity in the 1990s and early-2000s as a way to tell someone that you want to talk or meet up again sometime soon. The acronym became popular in the mid-2000s as chat slang when smartphone and Internet messaging became more commonplace.

Who uses HMU?

People, typically men, that are romantically interested in someone, typically women, often send their target "HMU" to see if they are interested. The person who sent it is looking for the recipient to show interest by texting, sending a DM, emailing, or even calling *gasp* the person.

Some people that use it may not be romantically interested. They might just be bored and looking for someone to hang out with. It's best to know the context of the relationship in order to decipher someone's intentions regarding their "HMU" message. For example, if you just met the guy at a bar and he wants you to "hit him up," he most likely wants to "hook up" (HU) with you.


HMU on my cell when you get a chance

HMU is typically a green light for hooking up

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Updated April 19, 2021

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