What does hodor mean?

Hold the door

Hodor means "hold the door." It comes from the name of a character from the HBO show Game of Thrones.

In the show, Hodor is a large and strong simpleton who can only say "hodor," much like Groot can only say "groot" in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was revealed in the fifth episode of season 6 that the reason Hodor can only say "hodor" is that Bran traveled back in time and psychologically caused young Hodor (formerly Wyllis, a stable boy) to fall down and start convulsing in a seizure-like manner. The reason Bran did this was to save himself in the future, or present for us viewers, from the deadly White Walkers chasing after him by making Hodor hold the door shut. This move allowed Bran time to escape while Hodor sacrificed himself.


Can you hodor for a sec while I go get the rest of my boxes?

Young stable boy Wyllis becoming Hodor as he repeatedly says "hold the door"

Old Hodor holding the door to allow Bran to escape

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Updated May 31, 2016

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