What is a homie?


A homie is someone you can count on; they are loyal and stick with you in good times and bad. It is an abbreviated version of "homeboy," which refers to a close hometown friend, and it became popular in gang culture in the 20th century.

Origin of homie

Some sources claim the origins of "homie" date back to the 1920s, but it didn't cross over to the public lexicon until the 1990s, primarily due to the rise of hip hop and rap music in pop culture. Now, you may hear or see people use homie in real life, in messages, and online.

For example, your friend may enter a room full of friends and yell, "Where my homies at?!?" Or, you might post a pic of yourself with your friend on Instagram with the caption, "me and my homie in NYC!"


thx for coming out for my bday!
ofc! wouldn't miss it
u a tru homie.

Love for your homie

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Updated May 31, 2024

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