Hustle Culture

What is hustle culture?

An environment that prioritizes working long hours

Hustle culture is a working environment that emphasizes complete devotion to working long, grueling hours. It may describe a specific environment a company has cultivated or a person's state of mind where their mantra is based on how much they can accomplish or succeed through work.

In many sectors of corporate America, hustle culture is an essential value for ramping up employee production. The culture encourages workers to devote their time and efforts to the company to gain promotions as they work up the "corporate ladder."

Rejection of hustle culture

After Covid-19 changed the landscape of corporate America in 2020, many workers re-evaluated their commitment to hustle culture. Some, especially Gen Zers, began subscribing to the soft life mantra, prioritizing mental health and joy over working ridiculous hours to achieve corporate success.


My brother burned out from the hustle culture in NYC, so he quit and moved to upstate New York
What is he doing now?
I think he works on a farm and travels in his spare time
Working through meals is part of hustle culture
Working through meals is part of hustle culture

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Updated May 3, 2023

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