What does ID10T mean?


ID10T is leetspeak for "idiot." In some cases, you may instead see this slang term written as ID 10 T, ID Ten T, or 1D10T, to further obscure its meaning.

People tend to use ID10T and its variants when they want to call someone an idiot indirectly. For example, if you tell your company's IT person about a computer error you're experiencing, they may say "that's an ID 10 T error; try turning your computer off and on again." This means the "error" was likely yours, and not the computer's.

Members of the United States military sometimes use variants of ID10T when hazing new recruits (for example, by sending them to fetch an "ID10T form"). The Navy's version of ID10T is pronounced "eye dee ten tango," while the Army's version of 1D10T is pronounced "one delta ten tango."


We have another ID Ten T error on line two. Can you take this one?
Fine, but you've got the next one

A man who thinks you're an ID10T

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Updated August 29, 2023

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