What does PUSIMP stand for?

Put yourself in my position

PUSIMP is an empathetic plea to a person to get them to see something from their perspective. People typically use it online and in texts and may also spell it as PYSIMP.

People often use PUSIMP when discussing a complex issue to get someone to take a moment to consider the other person's thinking. For example, when arguing about CRT, you might send PUSIMP to your dad to urge him to think about your stance.

Since the acronym is obscure, it will probably cause more confusion than assistance in resolving matters in a disagreement. Therefore, you should probably spell out PUSIMP unless you are talking to a slang-savvy person.


PUSIMP and you'll see it's not an easy decision

A good reaction to PUSIMP

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Updated August 15, 2022

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