What does JMHO stand for?

Just my humble opinion

People use JMHO (just my humble opinion) when they have a take on something but don't want to seem too strident about it. You might encounter this acronym in text, chat, and social media messages, in which someone is measuredly expressing their opinion.

However, JMHO is not a good indicator of the strength of someone's opinion. For example, someone might have a strong opinion on a matter but use JMHO to make you feel less pressured to agree with them. OTOH, someone might use JMHO when they CCL what you do, to let you know you're free to disregard their opinion.

If you can't tell whether someone who used JMHO will actually be chill if you disagree with them, maybe test the waters first. For example, you could ask a leading question that doesn't quite say "You're wrong," but hints at your own opinion.


All of the Disney-era Star Wars movies are bad. JMHO
What about Rogue One?
Yup, that one, too
JMHO means "just my humble opinion"
JMHO means "just my humble opinion"

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Updated November 20, 2022

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