Indy has 2 meanings
1. What city is indy short for?


In Indiana, indy is a common abbreviation for "Indianapolis," the state's capitol. For example, a resident may give a lost tourist instructions to the capitol: "Just take 65 North from here, and it will take you all the way to indy."

People may use it in various contexts, whether in messages, online, or in real life. They may be talking about their plans to go to the city, where they've lived, or something boring, like the economic production of the downtown area.

People outside of Indiana may also use indy to refer to the capitol or the state (Indiana). If they are fans of the Indiana Jones movie series, they may also use indy to refer to the titular hero.


Wanna meet up in Indy for drinks tonight?
Sure thing! Does 9 sound good?
Indy at night
Indy at night

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Updated July 24, 2023
2. What is indy short for re: art?


In some cases, indy is an abbreviation for "independent." For example, cinephiles may shorten the phrase independent cinema to indy cinema.

However, most people discussing independent art use indie instead of indy. Thus, if you see someone use indy to mean independent, they are likely a noob to the indie scene.


I like indy music because it's not overproduced like big label albums
You mean indie music

The typical indy cinema fan

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Updated October 23, 2023

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