What is infla-dating?

Going on cheaper dates because of inflation

Infla-dating is when you go on cheaper dates because of the rising costs due to inflation. The term was coined in 2022 as a reaction to worldwide inflation that made dating an expensive endeavor.

Because of soaring prices, people have gotten more creative with their dates to save money. For example, they may go on a picnic in a park instead of an expensive restaurant. Or, a person may take their date to a free museum instead of a dinner and a movie.

Most dating partners understand the change in expectations that comes with infla-dating. However, some still expect the same luxuries, so verifying dating plans with your partner is best.


I've been on 3 dates to the park. I'm so hungry for a free meal!
That infla-dating is really cramping your lifestyle, huh?

Sharing a free meal in the back alley of a restaurant is peak infla-dating

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Updated October 12, 2022

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