What does ITT stand for online?

In this thread

When people refer to something already covered in a discussion thread online, they may use "ITT" to stand for "in this thread." For example, a Redditor may tell another user to look for the topics they have already covered in the thread.

You will most likely see ITT in an online forum where various discussions occur or on social sites like Reddit and Twitter. It is one of several terms related to threads, including EOT and threadjacking.

People may use ITT to give others a heads up about what a thread covers, especially in the thread's title. However, people may also use ITT angrily when they have to tell people to read already covered topics when coming into a discussion. So you may need to "read the room" to gauge the frustration of the person who uses it.


Why would Kevin do that to Brian?
We already covered that ITT. Please go back and read the conversation from the beginning
ITT in a Reddit thread
ITT in a Reddit thread

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Updated August 15, 2022

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