1. What does JIT mean in software development?

Just in time

In software development, "JIT" refers to "JIT compiler," a runtime environment component. JIT compiles Java code to machine code immediately before running the program.

You will likely only encounter JIT in technical environments, whether online or offline, especially if you are a software developer. For example, if you work at a tech company, you may overhear a developer reference "J-I-T" in a real-life conversation. Or, a developer may reference "JIT" in a message or email updating the development progress.


The JIT compiler turns Java bytecode into instructions that are recognized by the processor

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Updated August 28, 2023
2. What type of person is a JIT?

Juvenile in training

A JIT, or juvenile in training, is a young troublemaker. This acronym originated in South Florida, where it is used to refer to various types and degrees of ill-mannered youths.

Most often, people use JIT to refer to young gangsters who are still "in training" with a local gang. However, as the term has become more prevalent, its meaning has shifted and softened. Therefore, you may see people refer to any child or teenager who is being lazy, disrespectful, or cray as a JIT.


JIT, you'd better get home or I'll come get you myself

A different kind of JIT

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Updated June 23, 2023

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