What is a jobber?

A character who loses fights to make others look good

In fiction and pro wrestling (which are nearly the same thing), a jobber is a notable character who regularly loses fights to put over other characters. These BAMFs are supposedly strong enough to beat most foes, which makes their losses that much more consequential.

For example, in Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Klingon tough-guy Worf often lost his initial bouts against new villains, to establish those villains' strength. The X-Men's Wolverine, WWE's Steve Lombardi, and DragonBall Z's Krillin are all also exemplary jobbers.

However, if writers are not careful, a jobber's losses quickly start to lose their impact. TNG's Worf lost so many fights that, eventually, fans expected him to lose to every new Star Trek villain. TNG fans also coined the term The Worf Effect, which is used to explain jobbers' losses.


They've made Pikachu into such a jobber lately. Remember when he used to win fights?

Worf, after being told he has to throw another fight

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Updated February 8, 2021

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