Put Over

What does put over mean in pro wrestling?

Make someone look good

To put someone over means to make them look good. The phrase "put over" is most often used in reference to professional wrestling, a "sport" in which wrestlers constantly cut promos and lose matches to make other wrestlers look good.

For example, if a wrestling fan tells you The Rock is about to "put John Cena over," that likely means The Rock is going to lose his next match against Cena. Or, it means The Rock is going to win the match but do so in an unsavory fashion, revealing himself to be a heel (and making the audience feel bad for Cena).

A wrestler is considered "over" when audiences care about them - no matter whether the audiences' feelings toward the wrestler are positive or negative. A truly spectacular heel, who audiences love to hate, can be just as over as a successful babyface.


They are trying so hard to put Adam Cole over, but I've just got nothing for him

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Updated April 14, 2021

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