What is a work in pro wrestling?

A scripted event

In professional wrestling, any pre-scripted event can be referred to as a work. Because professional wrestling is highly scripted, most matches, friendships, and rivalries are works - though wrestlers and audiences tend to pretend they're real.

What is the opposite of a work?

The opposite of a work is a shoot, or unscripted event. Because pro wrestling relies on wrestlers sticking to the script and maintaining kayfabe, shoots are uncommon. However, during particularly emotional performances, wrestlers may be enticed to act off-script, transforming a work into a shoot.

In some instances, wrestlers (and their writers) attempt to make works seem like they are shoots. These sorts of events are often referred to as worked shoots.


The rivalry between John Cena and AJ Styles is obviously a work. I'm pretty sure I saw them smile at each other last night

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Updated October 13, 2021

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