What does KISS stand for?

Keep it simple, stupid

"KISS" is a common acronym used both online and offline to tell people not to overcomplicate things. For example, you might message your buddy "KISS" when he is anxious about writing a best man speech.

The U.S. Navy officially adopted KISS as a principle in 1960 to remind service members to keep the systems simple instead of over-complicating them. The acronym eventually caught on among civilians a decade later and has since remained in the public lexicon to remind people not to overthink things.

While many people know the KISS acronym, some may confuse it with telling someone to actually kiss a person. So, be careful about how you use the abbreviation because if you don't capitalize it, there could be some bizarre misunderstandings.


Just tell him to stop analyzing things so much and KISS
Will do

Sometimes it's best to KISS in Survivor

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Updated August 8, 2022

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