What does LMSO mean in messages?

Laughing my socks off

LMSO is when you laugh so hard you feel your socks will fly right off. People typically use LMSO as a tame alternative to LMAO in messages, such as texts and DMs, but they may also use it when gaming, on social media, and in online forums.

For example, your friend may share a story about how she spilled food on herself at lunch in front of her crush, and you reply with, "lmso. omg. im so srry." Or, you might be gaming and your teammate commits a hilarious fail, and you react with, "LMSO!! That was great."


I wuz lmso during the whole movie!
IKR?!? It was hilarious!

That LMSO feeling

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Updated November 14, 2023

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