What does LOML stand for?

Love of my life

LOML stands for "love of my life," which refers to the person you romantically love the most in your life. It is one of the more heartfelt terms of endearment expressed in an acronym.

LOML is one of many acronyms to express love for someone or something online and in text messages. However, LOML should not be used lightly since there can only be one love of your life, much like how a person can only have one bestie.

Typically, people use it to describe their spouses since they should be the loves of their lives if they are married to them. However, some people, especially tweens may refer to their bf or gf as the love of their lives.


Ever since we met she has been the LOML
Dude, do you know how cheesy that sounds?
Hailey referring to Justin as LOML
Hailey referring to Justin as LOML

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Updated July 28, 2021

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