What does lunching mean?

Acting stupid

If a person is lunching, or lunchin', as the cool kids say it, they are doing something unintelligent, like playing chicken with an oncoming train or cheating in front of the teacher. It is typically brought on by the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Lunching originates from drug culture in the early-2000s. It plays off the familiar "out to lunch" phrase that describes people who seem not to be fully present, resulting in them making mistakes.

Typically, lunching behavior is associated with getting slept off weed or crunked off booze. However, an individual who is lunching may just be an airhead.

An example of lunching is when you burn your hand on the stove while thinking about your plans for the night. Or, when you drive through a stop sign without pressing the brake, you are lunching.


Dude, stop lunching! Get your head in the game. We are only down two points, let's do this!

When you get caught lunching again

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Updated November 11, 2021

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