What does lumbersexual mean?

A well-groomed male who looks like a lumberjack

A lumbersexual is a man who possesses an appearance similar to a lumberjack and may be considered sexy. He has a beard, often unkempt, and wears a significant amount of flannel, plaid, and denim clothing.

The lumbersexual is the antithesis of a metrosexual because he is less concerned with his appearance unless he is a metrojack, and more concerned with chopping wood and exploring the great outdoors. Movember is a prime time of year for lumbersexual sightings. The term can also be used as an adjective to refer to a lumberjack-like appearance.


I have a thing for lumbersexual men, every bf I've had looks like Paul Bunyan
A lumbersexual taking a selfie
A lumbersexual taking a selfie

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Updated November 6, 2017

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