What does it mean when someone is marinated?


Typically, when something is marinated, it is a food item soaked in seasoning. However, people may also refer to someone as "marinated" when they are inebriated from too much alcohol.

For example, if your uncle took advantage of the open bar at your cousin's wedding, you might remark, "Tom's completely marinated on the dance floor." Or, if your friend wants to drive home from the bar after many drinks, you might say, "I'll be your DD. You are a bit too marinated."

Origin of marinated

The slang term "marinated" originated from the food marination process, but instead of being soaked in seasoning, the person is soaked in alcohol. It is unclear who coined the term, but it dates back to the 1980s (at least).


Peter is completely marinated and about to go make a fool of himself
I'll go save him

Marinated while marinating

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Updated June 1, 2023

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