What is the po-po?


Po-po is a slang name for one or more police officers, typically "police." While some people may use it in a derogatory manner, many use it because it is shorter (and more fun) to type and say.

You may see or hear the po-po term online or in-person to refer to a police presence. For example, your friend may warn you about an upcoming speed trap on the freeway, saying, "Slow down to 65, or the po-po might get you for speeding."

Origin of po-po

It is unclear who first coined the slang term "po-po," but the most prominent claim is that it comes from the "PO" initials (for "police officer") on uniforms that some officers would wear. And when those officers walked, biked, etc., next to each other, the PO repeated, hence the name "po-po."


The po-po are flooding the streets, watch out
Aight. I'll keep my head on a swivel
Po-po is a common term for police
Po-po is a common term for police

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Updated May 22, 2023

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