What does NBL stand for?

Not bloody likely

NBL is the British variation of NL (and the tamer version of NFL) which stands for "not bloody likely." People often send it in messages and social media to emphasize that something is not likely to happen.

Primarily, only slang-savvy Brits, or people that especially adore British culture, use NBL. Most other people are unfamiliar with the acronym. Since NBL is obscure, be careful who you send it to because it may confuse them and require you to explain what it stands for.

An example of when you might use NBL is when asked if you want to go to an outdoor hockey game when it's super cold out. Or, you might send it to your friend when asked if you would go on a date with her brother.


You think we'll win a game this season?

That NBL expression

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Updated March 10, 2022

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