NL has 3 meanings
1. What does NL stand for?

Not likely

In text and chat messages, NL typically stands for "not likely." When someone tells you something is NL, it means they think that thing is not going to happen.

For example, if you were to ask a friend whether Disney will ever stop making new Star Wars films, that friend might respond with NL. Other things that are NL (but not impossible) include:

  • Being dealt a royal flush in five-card poker (1:649,740 chance)
  • Getting eaten by a shark (1:8,000,000 chance)
  • Winning the PowerBall jackpot (1:175,000,000 chance)
  • Being killed by a falling satellite (1:21 trillion chance)
  • You dating David Schwimmer or Jennifer Aniston (Odds vary by person)


Me settling down and getting married? NL

A person who is about to send NL in a text message

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Updated December 17, 2020
2. What does NL stand for?

National League

A professional baseball acronym for one of the leagues that make up the MLB, or Major League Baseball.

The league consists of 15 teams like the AL but does not have the Designated Hitter position, instead the pitchers must bat. The winner of the NL faces the winner of the AL in the World Series.


I'm still confused why the NL doesn't have a Designated Hitter and the AL does?

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Updated February 11, 2016
3. What does NL stand for in online poker?

No limit

Online poker players use NL to stand for "no limit." In no limit poker, players can bet their entire stake on any hand at any time.

In contrast, limit poker constrains the amount players can bet on their turn. For example, in pot-limit poker, players can only ever bet up to the current pot size. And in hard limit poker, players can only ever bet up to a pre-set bet limit.


I think it's more entertaining that the World Series of Poker uses NL betting

A teenager getting ready to play NL Texas Hold 'Em

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Updated February 2, 2022

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