What does OAR stand for online?

On a roll

When a player is on a winning streak, they are "OAR," which means they are "on a roll." People most often use it in online poker or other online games.

For example, a player may win three hands in a row in an online game of Texas Hold'em, and another player may comment, "Wow, u r oar. Pls share some of that luck with me."

People may also use OAR when generally conversing online or in messages to mean that someone is "in the zone" or has a lot of things going right at once. For example, your brother may have just landed a new job, bought a house, and gotten a dog, and you comment, "U have been busy oar I c!"


Wow, you are oar. Is that 4 or 5 games you have won in a row?
6 ;)

Feels good to be OAR

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Updated August 7, 2023

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