1. What does WTA stand for?

Women tell all

A term from the TV show, The Bachelor; refers to the recap after the show has been completed where the women on the show reveal more information about what happened while the show was being filmed, as well as what happened since the show ended; also a Twitter hashtag (#WTA).


The Bachelor WTA was so predictable. I knew she was never in love with him

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Updated March 8, 2013
2. What does WTA mean when gaming?

Winner takes all

When competing, "WTA" specifies that the winner gets everything: money, points, bragging rights, etc. People may use it in the context of various competitions, such as online video gaming, poker, or sports.

For example, if you are in the last round of a poker tournament, a player may declare, "WTA!" Or, if you are starting the fifth match of a best-of-5 in League of Legends (LoL), a gamer may say, "This is for all the marbles. WTA!"

People may also use it when messaging about sporting events, such as a championship game or the final game of a best-of-7 series. For example, your buddy may text you, "Can't wait for tonight's final. WTA, baby!"


The tournament prize pool is WTA
$1,000? Nice!

That WTA mentality

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Updated June 13, 2023

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