What is an obby in Roblox?

Obstacle course

Roblox players use obby to mean "obstacle course." Obstacle courses are Roblox games in which players must traverse a series of obstacles in order to win. Common types of obbies include:

  • Classic obbies: Straight-up, old-fashioned obstacle courses.
  • Story-based obbies: Obstacles courses that feature a narrative or storyline of some kind. Many of these obbies are flavored as "Escape from" stories (e.g. "Escape from the Sinking Ship").
  • Difficulty chart obbies: Obstacle courses whose difficulty increases at each checkpoint.
  • Tower-type obbies: Obstacle courses that involve climbing a tower's worth of obstacles.

Many, but not all, obbies include checkpoints at each level or stage, so players do not have to start at the beginning of the obby when they die. Obbies vary wildly in length, but most end with a "winner's room," where those who have completed the obstacle course can celebrate their victory.


I just cannot beat the DeathRace45 obby! It's soooo hard
A sample Roblox obby
A sample Roblox obby

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Updated October 25, 2021

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