Olympic Grandma

What is an Olympic grandma?

An old female Olympian

An Olympic grandma is an old female Olympian, typically in her mid to late-twenties. U.S. Olympian gymnast Simone Biles popularized the term in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 25, 2021, when she paid tribute to fellow gymnast MyKayla Skinner on Twitter when her Olympic career ended.

Of course, Olympic grandmas aren't old by actual standards, just older than the average age of Olympians. Young Olympians are usually in their early teens, and Olympians in their prime are in their late teens and early twenties.

The term is not meant to be derogatory. Instead, it is meant as a compliment to the athlete for still competing at an older-than-average age.


Dang, she's 28?!?! I didn't realize that she was an Olympic Grandma!
Simone Biles' Olympic grandmas tweet
Simone Biles' Olympic grandmas tweet

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Updated July 26, 2021

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