Only In Ohio

What does Only in Ohio mean on TikTok?

Claiming Ohio is strange

People use the phrase Only in Ohio to label things that are strange or sus. Primarily, you'll encounter this phrase on TikTok, in videos showing odd items or events.

The origin of Only in Ohio

Starting in 2016, various memes began positing that boring ol' Ohio, a Midwestern state with not much to it, was actually a hotbed of strange and world-threatening activity. This culminated in a series of memes collectively referred to as Ohio vs. the World.

Ohio's newfound (and not actually well-earned) reputation for strangeness went viral, causing some social media users to reference the state whenever they happened upon something alarming or unusual. The Only in Ohio phrase posits that these types of things happen only in Ohio (which, again, is not true).


You see that flying dog video the other day?
Yeah man, only in Ohio
... it was faked and it took place in New York
Cardboard shoes ... Only in Ohio, amirite?
Cardboard shoes ... Only in Ohio, amirite?

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Updated December 15, 2022

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