What does ORE mean regarding relationships?

Old relationship energy

ORE is the feeling partners have in a romantic relationship that has been established for a while (often years). It is beyond NRE and similar to ERE but includes a bit more seasoning.

While there are downsides to ORE, like relationship staleness, there are possible positives, too. Examples include comfortability with each other, emotional and financial stability, and shared parenting memories.

You may see ORE in messages or online forums when talking about relationships. For example, a person may text you on your marriage anniversary, "Congratulations on 8 years! You got that ORE I'm jealous of!" Or, someone may post in a relationship forum (possibly a polyamorous one), "I'm so addicted to that NRE high that I don't think I'll ever get to ORE."


I know people love the NRE phase, but the ORE is just as satisfying for me
That's good to hear since we're never getting a divorce. ;)
Redditor posting about their appreciation for ORE
Redditor posting about their appreciation for ORE

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Updated August 16, 2023

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