What does PED stand for in sports?

Performance enhancing drug

In sports, you may see "PED" regarding an athlete getting caught with an illegal performance-enhancing drug. Common PEDs include steroids, HGH, and EPO.

Common sports where you may see PEDs are baseball, football, hockey, and soccer. Also, PED usage is common in Olympic sports, such as track & field, cycling, gymnastics, weightlifting, and figure skating. Often, if an athlete is caught using PEDs, they are forced to forfeit past, present, and future performances and may face a ban from the sport altogether.

Besides the unfair advantage PEDs provide athletes against the competition, the drugs may also have harmful side effects. Some effects include depression, stunted bone growth, liver damage, increased aggressiveness, impotence, baldness, and acne.


Lance Armstrong admitted to using PEDs in his interview with Oprah Winfrey

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Updated May 23, 2022

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