What are roids?


Roids is a common abbreviation for human-fabricated chemicals that are an alternative to naturally occurring hormones. There are varying kinds of steroids, with one of the most popular being anabolic steroids (synthetically produced variant of the male hormone testosterone) that are used to promote muscle growth.

You will see or hear the abbreviation in many contexts, including sporting competitions involving strength, online fitness forums, and health-related situations where people require extra strength to recover. For example, your friend may argue, "The MLB was more fun in the 1990s when players were on roids and bashing homers all over the place." Or, your friend may complain about the use of roids at the gym, "Matt claims he's natty, but there's no way he's not on roids."


seeing him early on in his career compared to now, it's clear he's on roids
don't tell him that. he claims he's not a fake natty
Reddit post about roids in arm wrestling competitions
Reddit post about roids in arm wrestling competitions

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Updated May 10, 2024

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