What is pjs short for?


PJs are pajamas, which are comfortable outfits people wear when they sleep (or work from home). You pronounce it as "peejayz," where the "s" indicates plurality.

Most people use PJs when referring to the cute and cuddly outfits kids wear to bed. However, adults may also wear PJs (e.g., actual footie PJs, a shorts and shirt combination, or just underwear) when sleeping.

While PJs are typically actual clothes, some people might say they are putting on PJs, but they just mean they are getting ready for bed. For example, your dad might say, "Well, I'm tired. Time to get my PJs on." In this case, he is probably just saying he's going to get ready for bed.


I need to get my kid's PJs on before bed

Dancing in your PJs

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Updated August 8, 2022

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