What does zzz mean?


Zzz is when your eyelids are getting heavy, and you are about to nod off. For example, you might message your friend, "getting late. about to zzz."

You may see zzz in messages (texts and online), on social media, and as an away message in instant messaging applications. You might see it in media depictions of characters sleeping, such as comic books and shows.

While zzz is common, people may use any number of Zs, i.e., Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Additionally, they may use it to convey boredom about a topic. For example, your friend may text several paragraphs about MCU conspiracies, and you respond with "zzz."


did u know that bananas are slightly radioactive due to their high potassium content?

Zzzs may come out of nowhere

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Updated October 23, 2023

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