What does POIDH stand for?

Pictures or it didn't happen

POIDH is a quick way to say you want photographic evidence of a claim, or you won't believe it's true. For example, if your brother shares that he ran into a celebrity walking to a restaurant, you might simply respond with, "POIDH!"

Most people use POIDH in messages (texts, DMs, etc.) and online, especially on social media or in forums, to communicate disbelief about an outlandish claim. For example, your friend may post a story on social media about how he saw a plane land on a freeway, and you comment, "What?!? POIDH."

Origin of POIDH

It is unclear who coined the "POIDH" acronym, but it comes from the "pics or it didn't happen" phrase that Internet users popularized in the early 2000s. Users then shortened the phrase to POIDH for convenience when typing it online and in messages.


The monkey climbed down and took my bag right out of my hands!
User sending POIDH to ask for screenshot proof
User sending POIDH to ask for screenshot proof

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Updated August 16, 2023

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