What does RTFFAQ stand for online and in emails?

Read the flippin' FAQ


RTFFAQ is a direct way to tell someone to read the FAQ on a website, in a device manual, etc., before asking basic questions that have already been addressed. It is a variation of the crass RTFM and JFGI acronyms people also use to tell others to look up something independently.

For example, if you ask a basic question about a software's capabilities in an online forum, another user may post, "You should RTFFAQ instead of wasting our time with these questions." Or, if you email a co-worker about a device's capabilities, they may playfully reply with, "RTFFAQ. :)"


Maybe you should RTFFAQ before posting in this forum
K, sbt

A facepalm often accompanies RTFFAQ

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Updated July 27, 2023

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