School Air

What does school air mean on TikTok?

Air that messes with your appearance

TikTokers discussing school air likely think the air in their school is making them look ugly. The "school air trend" took off in late 2022, after TikToker @kumahto posted a video of how she looked outside and inside her school. (Her hair looked a touch messier inside.) The video was captioned "school air rly be doing smth."

Since then, other teen TikTokers have posted a bevy of videos claiming school air is a makeup remover, zit inducer, and/or hair frizzer. (No scientific studies have yet verified these findings.) Relatedly, many female TikTokers began discussing the concept of boyfriend air - in which having their boyfriend around apparently causes them to look or feel ugly.


I don't even bother putting makeup on anymore; school air's just gonna strip it right off
A still from the original school air video
A still from the original school air video

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Updated February 9, 2023

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