What does shadowban mean?

To secretly censor a social media user's content

Shadowban is when a social platform covertly moderates the content a user posts. The platform may not display the content at all or limit who can view it without explaining the reasoning behind the censorship.

The concept of shadowbanning dates back to the days of BBS in the 1980s, where admins set parameters to limit trolls' comments so no other users could see them. The term became prominent online in 2018 as users on social sites like TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, began complaining about being censored.

Who gets shadowbanned?

Typically, people are shadowbanned because they have violated the platform's guidelines (usually hate speech or misinformation). Users across the political spectrum, along with conspiracy theorists, are the common "victims" of shadowbanning.


I got off of Twitter because they shadowban too many users. I support free speech
Sorry to burst your bubble but the 1st amendment does not apply to users on private sites like Twitter
John Rich complaining about being shadowbanned on Twitter
John Rich complaining about being shadowbanned on Twitter

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Updated May 4, 2022

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