What is a showmance?

A romance between actors starring in the same production

When two (or more) actors in a production start an IRL romance, it's called a showmance. This slang term is a portmanteau of show and romance, and it's used fairly commonly in the theater business.

More recently, viewers have used the term showmance to describe reality show romances, in which two contestants develop feelings for each other. For example, the reality show Big Brother often emphasizes showmances, such as the showmance between Derek Xiao and Hannah Chaddha (Dannah) in U.S. season 23.

Both reality show and non-reality show showmances often end after the production that spawned them ceases. If a showmance was clearly faked to drum up hype, it may also be referred to as a fauxmance.


What's your favorite American Ninja Warrior showmance?
Some fans get quite invested in showmances
Some fans get quite invested in showmances

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Updated June 30, 2022

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