Skibidi Toilet Syndrome

What is Skibidi Toilet Syndrome?

Adverse effects of watching Skibidi Toilet

Skibidi Toilet Syndrome refers to the negative effects (real or perceived) that Skibidi Toilet has on children obsessed with the YouTube Shorts series. Often, the syndrome manifests itself in kids acting like Skibidi Toilets, where they pop out of containers resembling toilets singing the "Skibidi Dop Yes" song.

Origin of Skibidi Toilet Syndrome

The Skibidi Toilet series began on the DaFuq!?Boom! YouTube channel in February 2023. The nonsensical series depicts animated people's heads being flushed down toilets.

Kids watching the series began acting out the heads in toilets, and their parents posted TikTok videos of their behavior in June and July 2023, which went viral, especially in Indonesia. The viral videos spawned memes, and various TikTokers started pushing the "Sindrom Skibidi Toilet…" (Skibidi Toilet Syndrome) narrative, which is based on perception, not actual scientific confirmation.


My kids got Skibidi Toilet Syndrome. He keeps popping out of our laundry hamper
You need to better monitor what he watches on YT
Skibidi Toilet Syndrome TikTok
Skibidi Toilet Syndrome TikTok

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Updated September 7, 2023

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