Skill Issue

What does skill issue mean?

You're bad

Skill issue is a form of trash talk that originated in the gaming world. Primarily, gamers use this phrase in response to other players' complaints about losing or getting wrecked. In these instances, saying "skill issue" or "sounds like a skill issue" is a prompt for a complainer to stop whining, and instead focus on gitting gud.

However, gamers also use skill issue ironically, to troll other players after they've actually experienced bad luck. For example, if an MTG player complains about how bad draws cost them a match, another player might cheekily respond with "skill issue."

In 2023, skill issue went viral on TikTok, causing the term to enter non-gamers' slang lexicons. As skill issue became more popular, TikTokers (and others) began using it in response to all types of fail stories. For example, if a TikToker were to complain about getting the wrong food from DoorDash, others may respond with "skill issue."


The bus didn't show up again today! I'm gonna be late for work!
Sounds like a skill issue
Several uses of skill issue on TikTok
Several uses of skill issue on TikTok

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Updated December 21, 2023

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