Sleeper Build

What is a sleeper build on social media?

When a skinny person is surprisingly buff

Someone who looks weak but is actually ripped has a sleeper build. Social media users, especially, use this term to describe deceptively-svelte bodybuilders, who show off their sleeper builds in photos or videos.

The origin of sleeper build

Prior to being used to describe skinny-yet-swoll gymthusiats, the term sleeper build described PCs or muscle cars that looked clapped out but were actually straight fire. Sleeper build gained its new, and possibly more prevalent, meaning in August 2022, when TikToker @saifiev showed off his sleeper build in a set of viral videos.

In the videos, the skinny-looking @saifiev enters an elevator and then shows off his surprisingly large biceps. Other users dubbed @saifiev's body type a sleeper build, and the phrase took off (and inspired many, many derivative videos and photos) from there.


Have you ever seen Tom flex? Dude looks skinny but actually has a ripped sleeper build
TMW you spot a sleeper build in the wild
TMW you spot a sleeper build in the wild

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Updated February 1, 2023

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